Friday, September 23, 2016


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We need to work together by promoting new measures that deal with global warming, reaching new solutions by reducing the impact of our business in our natural environment. Renewable energy sources are our future and we must minimize pollution, conserve our energy as well as our natural resources by reducing the impact of our footprint in our environment. We need to encourage others to raise environmental awareness.


Life is about a performance.

Life is about working together.


  1. Very good video ... We have grown in knowledge to the point that we can see now the negative impact that our industrial trajectory has on our environment, the ecosystems and the whole Biosphere. WE HAVE TO CHANGE. We have to change we grow our food and produce our goods.. We have to find ways to cover our needs that are harmonious with the environment... Stop manufacturing disposable items. design things to last again to reduce waste... Do not introduce genetically modified organisms to our ecosystems, use clean energy...

    We have to change... to safe life on this planet ...

  2. thanks for your comment. We appreciated. indeed, industrialism is leaving a negative impact in our environment. We still can do something about it and alleviate our environmental problem. Thanks again for the encouragement.

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